Multi-Part Video Series on Mastering Drone Footage Is a Must-Watch That Will Make You Drool While You Learn

Cinema5D founder Sebastian Wöber's latest three-part tutorial on drone shooting starts off with quite the introduction in Part I. Wöber could honestly be saying anything to accompany his to-die-for footage, but what makes it so fantastic is how great the information in this video is. From safety to beginner tips on getting started and how to get that cinematic shot you have in your head (don't worry, Wöber has plenty examples if you don't), Part I has you covered. And there's more to come...very soon.

Perhaps most interesting is Wöber's focus on safety at the start of the video -- DON'T RUN YET! Safety is boring and so incredibly uncool, I get it. But he handles it in a great way. And it's just so important. The least we can all do to use these devices and contribute to the community is to pay it forward by being as responsible, smart, and educated as possible. And if that's not enough for you, the few seconds of safety talk are accompanied by the same types of footage that the rest of the video is fit to... it's all so nostalgic that you have to be strong because Wöber almost makes you feel as though you've already failed.

Exercise extreme caution when viewing this video: it'll make you want to spend your life's savings on drone equipment (even regardless of the fact that Wöber specifically talks about how amazing a sub-$3,000 drone can be).

With drone photography easily becoming the most discussed and fastest growing type of photography today, this video shares some excellent tips at a perfect time, and it's one that I would require any student to watch before putting one step outside. But remember, this is just Part I. Part II comes out today and will be followed by Part III Friday.

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hey! first one on post :D . I am amazed on how you really acomplish with the tool. May be other people got the chance to shoot, but your footage looks great . So is all 20mm lens on the camera? or you use several cameras on the robot? .. again Kudos 100 % . What iso does those camera have?

I'm not sure if Wöber is reading this or would even have the time to respond, but so far, these all seem to be shot with the DJI Inspire drone that comes with a camera with a fixed 20mm lens (although you can upgrade the camera itself now, too, if you want to). You can read all about the drone/camera combo here:

Oh i understand so you are part of the fstoppers crew! . Ok i get it, is an amazing footage they made. I saw the price is actually not very much for what it does.