Eight Helpful Tips to Improve Your Photography

We can always do more to improve our photography, and it certainly helps to hear how an established professional thinks we can best accomplish that. This excellent video features a photographer discussing eight tips that will help you improve your photography. 

Coming to you from Michael Sasser, this great video features him discussing eight tips to improve your photography. Though Sasser generally gears his education toward boudoir work, his tips certainly apply to most any genre. Of them, the most salient for me has always been simply to shoot more often. Photography is a skill, and like any other skill, it withers and fades if you do not put it to use consistently. In particular, since taking a successful photograph takes the confluence of multiple threads of technical and creative aptitude, it is important to give yourself at least semi-regular practice. Even if you do not have clients at the moment, be sure to take your camera out for even just 15 minutes a day and practice on whatever is available or convenient. It only takes a bit of consistent practice on a regular basis to keep your skills sharp. Check out the video above for more helpful tips from Sasser. 

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David Love's picture

Wow 2nd youtube video from this guy in a day. Did he buy this site or pay for ad space? Buy his presets and pay for his instructional vids. This is why I don't take car advice from a car salesman.

Alex Cooke's picture

Nope, he didn’t. He’s just a good teacher.

David Love's picture

Set ISO to whatever, always shoot at 1.4 and then instead of using an ND filter, just jack that shutter up to NFL touchdown ready? And then buy his presets and his courses.

A good teacher would show multiple ways to do something based on student budget and experience, not funnel them towards products. Buy a camera, youtube boudoir posing tips (tip one:poses depend on body type. tip two: lighting can depend on models skin quality. You wouldn't want to shoot someone with bad skin in low contrast lighting), jump on modelmayhem, grab model, shoot near a window, find presets. Rename presets with your name, record the shoot and you giving out tips and mention the sale of your presets, renamed from someone else presets. That seems to be a lot of the youtube business model for photography and video (luts).

Rob Mitchell's picture

Everyone wants to be a youtube star.

rodney simba masarirambi's picture

Thanks for introducing me to this guy. Been following for a few weeks. Just a damn good teacher