Exploring Trickier Landscape Photograph Compositions

Part of the fun and challenge of landscape photography is that while you can choose your compositions, you don't get the privilege of modifying your subject. Sometimes, you come across a scene that begs to be photographed, but doesn't readily lend itself to a composition. This video examines such situations and how to shoot them.

Coming to you from Andrew Marr, this video follows him as he shoots some waterfalls. What I really appreciate about his videos is the way he talks you through his process: you'll understand why he uses specific filters, chooses certain settings, and creates the compositions he does. I found the last waterfall particularly interesting, as I've never seen one that disappears from view only to reappear again, and the somewhat prominent rock formation behind which it goes missing presents a challenge, as it's not the most interesting part of the image, but its presence in it must be dealt with, which I think Marr handles well. Overall, it's a great video for watching how one landscape photographer thinks and works, and his treatment of leading lines is especially strong, the waterfalls and streams being the perfect device for drawing the eye across the entire image.

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