Five Quick and Easy Lens Hacks for Portrait Photos

Sometimes, all it takes to spice up your portrait photos is a little bit of creativity and some cheap tools to give you some neat in-camera lens effects. This great video will show you five quick, easy, and cheap lens hacks to enhance your portrait photography work. 

Coming to you from our friends over at SLR Lounge, this great video will show you five quick and easy lens hacks to create interesting portrait photos. The best part about these is that they require very cheap and minimal gear on top of what you already have, and they might even inspire you to go to a craft or office supply store and find an inexpensive item or two to create similar effects of your own. I know that personally, I've always been a big fan of using prisms in front of the lens: they're very cheap, they're easy to handhold (if you get the long type), and they can produce a multitude of effects of varying intensity depending on where you position them in front of the lens. The effects in the video range from subtle to quite pronounced, and they're a blast to experiment with. Check it out above for the full rundown. 

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Sean Sauer's picture

I'm torn on this one as I love trying creative and new things BUT I shudder at the thought of putting anything in front of the lens. I personally would rather get a clean shot and add any kind of "other" elements in post.