Fun Photography Projects to Work on During COVID-19

Fun Photography Projects to Work on During COVID-19

Looking for something to do during the coronavirus lockdown? Photographers are finding more and more ways to be creative during this time. Read on for some fun photography project ideas to work on during COVID-19.

Take a Photo Every Day

By taking photos every single day, you’re continuing to hone your creative trade. Photography is a muscle that you have to keep flexing. Once we come out on the other side of this, it will be neat to see all of the photos you took every day during the lockdown in a little series.

Photograph the Same Subject Every Day

Try photographing the same subject every day. This is a neat way to find new perspectives on everyday objects. It will also help you to train your eye to look for different perspectives! You can experiment with lighting, color, and equipment. Some photographers are also taking photos of their pets every day in different settings.

Challenge Yourself With Your Equipment

Find technical ways to challenge yourself — for example, only keeping your lens at its closest focal length and taking portraits of family members with it. Another challenge could be to use gels to experiment with colorful lighting.

Try a FaceTime Photoshoot

FaceTime photoshoots are becoming quite trendy during the coronavirus isolation period. This can look like a number of different things. Some people are screenshotting their FaceTime photo sessions, some are using the Live Photo feature. Photographers are even taking out their DSLRs and photographing the phone screen itself on a backdrop. Get creative with your FaceTime photo sessions and think outside the box. This can be great for fashion photographers, portrait photographers, and even wedding photographers who photograph couples.

FaceTime couples photo session

Re-Edit Older Images in Your Catalog

If you don’t feel up to taking photos, you can re-edit older images in your catalog. Try out a different style on images that you had previously edited. Your editing style may have changed distinctly over the years, so re-editing can be a fun experiment. Share the before and after edits of how your process has evolved over the years.

Experiment With Video on Your Camera

If your camera has video functions, try them out! If video is normally outside of your comfort zone, now is the time to experiment. Learn the ins and outs of video for your equipment. You could come out of the coronavirus lockdown with a new marketable skill to add to your business.

Create a Stop-Motion Project

Try out a stop-motion project with clay or objects in your house. Get your creative gears turning with stop-motion video. You can do this on your camera or even just your smartphone. Create a little narrative about your experience in confinement. Alternatively, think outside the box and dream up what you would be doing right now.

Playing With Dolls

Since you can’t use people as a subject, why not pull out some dolls? Take a peek at Barbie and Ken’s wedding photos by Beatrice de Guine — photographed long before COVID-19, though the sentiment is the same. Play with the dolls and arrange them like you would a couple on a wedding day. This can make for a really fun practice exercise for you and can impress your wedding photography clients even more! Show them that you’re still shooting and still being creative.

Keep on Flexing Those Creative Muscles

Whatever you decide to do, keep on flexing those creative muscles. Finding ways to keep that part of your life active will help to pass the time during the coronavirus lockdown. Have you been up to anything creative during this time at home? Share it in the comments!

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Megan is the owner of Brooklyn Wedding Photo, and host of the Photo Opp Podcast. She aims to share actionable tips to help photographers grow and scale their businesses.

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Here's another: rediscover images from a collection of negatives that had been hiding in a shoebox for 60+ years. That's what I did recently, and it was quite a journey.

Nice collection, I kept clicking back and forth to check them again :)

Glad you enjoyed it!

This is such a neat project!

Thank you!

I invited an ant into the studio.

What a beautiful photo! I love the light!

2 x CTO filter...

Love this one Megan!

Thank you! :)