Getting Those Multiple Exposure Techniques for Your Wedding Client

Getting Those Multiple Exposure Techniques for Your Wedding Client

Using new creative techniques for your wedding clients is the best way to stand out from the crowd. While this technique is not considered new by any means, it might be the kicker that sets you apart from the others on your prospective brides' list of photographers.

Carsten Schertzer of Ilumina Studios shows the step-by-step process of how to obtain multiple exposures in six easy steps. To understand the process behind this technique it is important to understand what exactly multiple exposures mean. By definition, it is the superimposition of two or more exposures creating one final image. This technique was originally done on film by exposing the same negative multiple times to create an overlaid image. However, in today's digital world, it is accomplished by exposing the digital sensor two or more times.

Image courtesy of Carsten Schertzer.

Schertzer goes into detail on how to understand the technical aspects of this type of work by using the multiple exposures setting in camera to achieve these desired looks as well as merging two images already taken. Using the canvas, or the part of the image that does not have the subjects in it, Schertzer finds a part that has a darker area in order for the second image to show through. Then it is a matter of shooting the subject that will complement the canvas or vice versa. Read more on his website to follow through his instructions for Nikon and Canon settings to obtain these types of images.

Images used with permission and courtesy of Carsten Schertzer

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