Handy Tips for Outdoor Couple Photography

Handy Tips for Outdoor Couple Photography

As a wedding photographer, outdoor couple shoots are undoubtedly my favorites. On the big day, it gets overwhelming with little scope to get planned shots. We tend to go with the flow. For this reason, outdoor couple shoots are a treat to any photographer as it offers a lot of time and space. Here are my two cents on how to make your outdoor couple shoot an enjoyable and a memorable one.

Communicate Effectively 

Communication is the key. Talk to the couple well in advance and understand their expectations. The more you spend time in this process, the better your images are going to be. It is important to understand their likes and dislikes in the earlier stage. Create a Whatsapp group or any closed group with the clients and constantly interact with them about any ideas. If you can set out with a clear idea of the theme and the mood before you head to the shoot, nothing like it!

Schedule It Right

Never plan the outdoor couple shoot on the day of the wedding and reception. The couple already would have enough on their plate and it hardly works out. Schedule your shoot a few days before or after your wedding, which gives you enough time to plan things out. Also, it gives you enough time to breathe easy and commit fully to the outdoor shoot in a focused way.

Locate It Aptly

Look if the couple has a preference in the first place. If not, see if you can plan a spot that is special to both of them, and where there are not thousands of people around. It can be a place where they first met, where he or she proposed to the other, their dream getaway place or some meaning that comes attached to that place which they can relate to on a personal note. Having shot so many couples let me assure you of the significance that the location holds. It is also important to match the weather predictions for the period of the shoot. You definitely don’t want to be stuck in a generous rain after all the preparation. The clients wouldn’t fancy a storm too.

Spruce Things Up

Yes, every person is naturally beautiful. And together as a couple, they are going to dazzle. But a little makeup and a planned costume will only enhance their confidence. Make sure the couple plan their attire well in advance and offer your suggestions too. A professional makeup artist alongside will greatly help. Trust me, planning these little things promptly will greatly complement the output of the shoot.

Plan the Poses

It is critical that you talk to the couple about how comfortable they are in front of the camera. You would have planned a hundred things to the last detail, but on the day of the shoot, if you find out that the couple is camera-shy, you really wouldn’t be able to do much. Talk to them and understand their posing preferences. Are they inclined towards portrait style or documentary style? Ask these questions and scheme things accordingly. For foolproof shots, plan to align your shots with the Sunrise or the Sunset. Those are golden hours when you can create some amazing pictures.

Expect the Unexpected

Not everything goes according to the plan. The weather might play spoilsport or the couple would fall sick on the spot or the poses you worked out might not click. Be ready for any surprise that would come your way and embrace the situation. All you have to do is apply your presence of mind and see how good a shot you can pull in the available scenario.

Have Fun

Now, this is the most important part. Once all is done and when you are finally there on the spot to shoot, ensure that you have lots of fun. Make sure the couple enjoys the process. Only when you are involved from your heart will everything else will click out well. Naturally, the pictures will come out splendid too.

After a period of time when the couple looks back at the pictures you had made for them, it will prove to be one of the happiest outings they ever had. So make it count.

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Holy post editing Batman!

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Yea, not a fan of the first one especially. That thing was pushed wayyyyyy too far

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I have noticed that this style of post production is very popular amongst photographers from that area of the world, india, sri lanka, bangladesh etc. see it a lot amongst photographers here in western australia with indian heritage. I’ve got a feeling its a popular look because of bollywood, but this is just an assumption based on the observation. If it is a look that his clientbase likes then its a great choice. Thanks for sharing a great article Amar, best wishes buddy.

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Good point. I used to live in China from 2007-2009 and they love heavy editing/poppy color etc.

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Great posting style i am very happy to read this post.

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Hello Amar,
I really appreciate your tips about outdoor couple shoot. Wedding photography is important because it will capture our special day. Each of your pictures is worthy of being bookmarked. I hired Jon-Mark Photography for my wedding shoot at Vancouver Island .He followed some tips like you.