How to Create a Dark Cinematic Look for Your Images Using Photoshop

The dark and moody cinematic look is a popular one that can help make your images pop and catch the viewer's attention. If you're a fan of that style, this fun tutorial will walk you through the entire process of creating the look from normal photos using Photoshop.

Coming to you from Nathaniel Dodson of tutvid, this helpful video will show you how to recreate that dark cinematic look using Photoshop. It's an interesting style that can provide a vastly different atmosphere for a photo that's both eye-catching and moody and can be a great exercise for breaking out of a creative rut or sprucing up a snapshot. Even if it's not a look you'd use all that often, I recommend trying this tutorial out, as you'll get a ton of practice with different Photoshop techniques and might learn about a few tools and adjustment layers in the process. In it, you'll work with Smart Objects, Camera Raw, Curves, HSL, Selective Color, the Color Dodge blending mode, motion blur, and more. In other words, you'll definitely flex your Photoshop muscles, and you'll likely stumble upon some creative ideas while you're working through the steps. 

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Dave McDermott's picture

I never knew about those flare brushes. Very useful. I'll definitely be trying those out.

Ryan Burleson's picture

His technique is so random, kind of like “hrmm wonder what I can do with this image”.

Doug Stringham's picture

Didn't really seem random to me... it looked like the creative process you go through to feel out colors, contrasts, etc.