How to Create Fuller Eyebrows Using Photoshop

Natural, fuller eyebrows are a classic look that seem to be enjoying a resurgence recently. This fun and helpful video will show you how to easily create fuller eyebrows on your subject using Photoshop.

Did you ever see the movie "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron"? If you did, do you know what facial feature they added to the horses to make their expressions more readily interpretable for human viewers? That's right, eyebrows. Eyebrows are the underrated facial feature that clues us into human expression, as they help to clarify the contour of the face and augment emotional expression. And of course, sometimes, they just look great or a subject has uneven eyebrows you'd like to even out. Whatever the reason, this helpful tutorial from Aaron Nace of Phlearn will show you how to fill out a person's eyebrows using a three-step process: defining the shape, adding a base color to darken the skin beneath, then painting on individual hairs. It's a fun process, and you don't necessarily have to conform to the traditional eyebrow shape, though obviously, don't get too crazy if you want it to remain believable. Grab one of your portraits and give it a try!

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