How to Create More Depth in Your Landscape Images

One of the more subtle but powerful ways to create impact in your images is to give them the feeling of greater depth. This excellent video discusses six methods you can use to create more dimensionality in your landscape images for a greater impact on the viewer.

Coming to you from Nigel Danson, this great video discusses six ways you can add a greater sense of depth to your images. We talk a lot about the importance of increasing the amount of time a viewer's eye lingers on an image, and one of the best ways to do that is to increase the sense of three-dimensionality within an image. Of course, photography is an inherently two-dimensional medium, so doing this requires some trickery. What it really boils down to is understanding the cues and cognitive shortcuts the brain uses to determine depth, then consciously manipulating them in the composition of your image to trigger those same cues within the viewer's mind. By doing this, you encourage the viewer to spend more time looking at your images, as they'll want to follow more intricate visual pathways through them instead of simply scanning left to right. You can use this same sort of visual manipulation to accentuate your subjects. Check out the video above for Danson's tips. 

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Deleted Account's picture

Nice images!
And I like his passion when he speaks about it.

David Glazebrook's picture

I get depth in capture, how about accentuating depth in post processing