How to Find Your Landscape Photography Style

One of the toughest personal self-searching processes a photographer will go through is defining their style. Many of us will latch on to a composition or a color palette, sometimes by accident, that isn't really defining but is a part of our learning process as photographers. Eventually we learn what we like or value in a photograph and as we create, this becomes our style. But, can you define your style and explain it to someone else or even yourself?

Adam Karnacz from First Man Photography has released his first video for 2018 with a simple question: how do you define your photography style specifically in landscape photography? Karnacz gives his take on what really helps create a style in his opinion for landscape photography and he goes into some great detail while showing how he post processes one of his images in his style.

For me, I think style stretches over an entire portfolio and has an essence, a theme. You should look at an image and be able to say, "I know that artist." Things like lens choice, color palette, lighting direction, and subject help us understand another photographer's style or even understand our own. If you are curious about how you look at photography and your imagery but can't quite put a finger on something specific, try looking at 20 to 30 of your images together. Spread your portfolio in front of you and look for consistent themes throughout the imagery. When you consciously know what you focus on unconsciously, you may surprise yourself when you go and create that style with now conscious intention. 

[via First Man Photography]

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Tim Behuniak's picture

Awesome topic!! As a fellow landscape photographer this is something I struggled with for a while. But then I started to notice how much focus I put on vivid colors and dramatic lighting, and realized my style was right in front of my face the whole time! Sometimes it can take years to develop a style, and other times it's with us from the beginning - it just takes time to realize it! :)