How to Get Sharper Handheld Images

It is relatively easy for most photographers to take a few quick snaps even at slow shutter speeds and get sharp photos. But if you've ever spent hours on an assignment or shooting an event, the constant handholding of your gear and general body fatigue throughout the day can slowly make getting sharper images harder and harder. 

This is where some might employ the use of a tripod. However, for a lot of different types of photography, this might not be an option. I myself often either can't afford the extra weight carrying a tripod might add to my hiking gear or often need to be as quick and nimble while shooting. That's where good technique and a few simple habits can really make a difference. 

Here are some great and simple changes from landscape photographer James Popsys to help any photographer improve their grip and technique for longer photo sessions or even better low light shots. The best tip I can add is also to always add some sort of strength training. Carrying a camera, lens, and sometimes flash for any length of time will strain your hands, arms, and ligaments. So, it's important to do some simple exercises that you can do at home or the gym to keep your moneymakers in good health. 

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I can't buy another lens that doesn't have VR because of a medical condition that causes tremors. After shooting with VR, I can't believe I didn't do it earlier, even when I didn't have issues. Would have had a larger number of sharper images. Couldn't even think about doing weddings anymore without one.