How Not to Respond When Receiving a Photographer's Quote

How Not to Respond When Receiving a Photographer's Quote

If you follow world class retoucher and owner of Solstice Retouching, Pratik Naik, you already know he is something of a jokester. Routinely posting quirky comments, mostly photography or retouching related, Pratik could very well be the Ellen DeGeneres of our industry, although I can't say for sure until I see him dance. Pratik's blog often carries over many of his antics.

Recently Pratik queried his social media following to find out what some of best (read here worse) ways people have responded to photographers when presented with a project quotes. Many of the field's top photographers responded, although we will never quite know who they are, since Pratik promised to keep them all anonymous. Pratik chose 35 to feature on a blog post on his site, but reading the original thread of his Facebook is not only relatable (as we have all had these moments), but also cringe worth as you hear some of the amazingly rude responses photographers have received. 

My favorite is probably, "I once told a would be client, 'Last year I went to the bank to pay on a loan with my photo credits.' He just laughed at me and said, 'Son, the real world takes real money!' Long silence, then he said, 'Oh so you would like to get paid?' Yes, yes I would!"

It is always great when you can lead a potential client to self realization about their undervaluing your time and worth. Well played Internet mystery person, I salute you, whomever you are. 

Head over to Pratik's blog post to view the rest.

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Daniel Haußmann's picture

Well, some people just do not know what is normal in the industry. For example many people hire a photographer for the first time for their wedding. So I can understand to some extend people being surprised by certain rates. Not an excuse for stupid replied, though. And certainly not for professional editors requesting shoots.

We do wedding films. And very often we hear people say: "Oh, thats a fair price. So we get photos + film, right?". Well .. no.

David Justice's picture

30. "Omg I love your work SOOO much! how much do you charge? I'd LOVE! to shoot with you!"
Here are my rates ____
*Reads message and never replies again*

This is everyday of my life.

Spy Black's picture

One time a freelance photographer I work with had referred me to a client requesting retouching. He was apparently a jewelry designer and had all these fashion shoots that needed work. He was very proper and professional throughout the initial discussion phases and then when I gave him my rate, he got all all ghetto and replied:

"So that's your rate? Nah son. We going with dude in bk." (Brooklyn)

I decided to keep it cool and simply replied: "Hey, no problem. I hope it works out for you."

A short while later, after he realizes what he's written, replies:

"Sooo sorry ! That was my autocorrect. Did not mean to be rude. We will try some other options and get back to you if they do not work out. Thanks."

So apparently he has quite an urban autocorrect on his phone that turned his typing "We will try some other options and get back to you if they do not work out. Thanks." into "Nah son. We going with dude in bk." LOL!

Chris Adval's picture

Thing is there is always new people in photography, so there is an endless supply of photographers working for experience, portfolio or even exposure, or heck even other forms of bartering. Bartering varies on the photographers needs. Same with spec work. Some spec work actually works out, but its a leap of faith of working with the right people and if it works out it can explode your empty books to being booked for months or years, or heck full time employment even.

This attitude from the buyers market will not go away, it will simply get more and more difficult because of the tiny barrier in place.

Daniel Haußmann's picture

Very true. And guess what, the first wedding film we did for a bottle of champagne. We started at zero. So we had to beg people to let us film their wedding to have something in our portfolio.

And as you say it is how it is. My future clients will not read these blog posts. They do not care. They have a budget number in their mind when sending me the message. So it is not about me educating them, it is about me proving my worth at each job and me being confident about my price.

Philippe Boutié's picture

"How Not to Respond When Recieving a Photographer's Quote ?"
Perhaps by not starting with spelling misteaks ??

Jay Briggs's picture

8. They said, "I'm a wedding photographer and I would never charge that much"... lol, then who's the smart one here?

maybe if you did you could have hired me

Stephen Kampff's picture

Always fun to read! To be fair though, some of the stuff clients have tried to barter with me has actually been up to scratch. My favourite is when they want a discount, and offer to keep me in the hotel/city for a while longer. Great excuse to take a break on your own!