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How Protecting Your Highlights Applies to Both Photography and Life

Even the best sensors have a dynamic range that can't capture some of the world's scenes, which is why photographers employ a number of techniques to work around this limitation, one of the most common being exposing in a manner that saves the highlights, thus throwing some of the shadows into black. This great video examines both the technique and philosophy of protecting highlights.

Coming to you from Sean Tucker, this great video examines how we can embrace (instead of lament) the limited dynamic range of a digital camera both as a compositional tool and a metaphor for the life of a freelancer (or life in general). If you've not seen Tucker's videos before, they're an interesting and insightful look at not only the techniques and ideas of photography, but how they tie into life as a whole and how to integrate them in a way that ensures both confidence and success as a photographer and a more fulfilled existence. If you're someone who often ruminates about the nature of being a freelance creative and finding fulfillment in the pursuit of these things, I definitely recommend watching him. Be sure to check out his new book as well.

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jon snow's picture

great guy, I enjoy his informative and philosophical outlook.

Penny McCoy's picture

Fantastic video! Loved everything about this :D