How to Replicate Hollywood Movie Posters From Scratch

Ever looked at a movie poster and wondered how they got their stylistic look? Follow these examples to see how easy it is to recreate them yourself.

Hollywood movie posters are a great place to get inspiration for photographers. While you may feel like you have the photographic skills down, many of us struggle with the postproduction side of things. Thankfully, Antti Karppinen has just brought out some fascinating video walkthroughs on how to recreate the look of three recent film posters using just a few stock images and Photoshop.

What I really like about these videos is how Karppinen methodically talks through his process and the pace of them makes it very easy to follow along. The stock images which he uses in each example are included in the description of the video so you can download the necessary files and try these techniques yourself. Even if movie posters are not your thing, it's still well worth watching these videos as you'll pick up a few clever Photoshop techniques that you can use on your own work.

Once you have watched the video above be sure to check out how Karppinen recreates posters from the movies “Siberia” and “The Nun.” Both are a little more advanced in retouching skill but are still surprisingly achievable. After watching all three tutorials you'll be all set to make your own Hollywood blockbuster movie posters in no time at all.

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Miljan Lakic's picture

Dear Paul,
name of the movie is Siberia not Serbia.
Best regards

Paul Parker's picture

Fixed. Thanks for letting me know Miljan. :)

antti karppinen's picture

One more new one!

Paul Parker's picture

Hello sir! Thanks for the link. Hope you enjoy making these videos as much as I love watching them. :)

antti karppinen's picture

Actually this is definitely really enjoyable format to do :D I learn .. people watching learn, Win Win :D