Do You Know About This New Photoshop Hack for Even Better Selections?

With every new Photoshop update, the selection tools get more and more sophisticated. However, with the most recent update, there's a new hack that makes selections as accurate as I've ever seen them. 

When I first started with Photoshop over 20 years ago, the selection tools weren't particularly great. Indeed, I seldom used tools like the Lasso Tool or the Polygonal Lasso Tool if I had to make selections that were crisp, sharp, and accurate. Instead, I perfected using the Pen Tool. In fact, until recently, that was my go-to selection tool, and I consider myself pretty good with Bezier handles and all the nuances that come with using the Pen Tool. However, over the last couple of years, Photoshop's accuracy with vastly improved tools like the Object Selection tool has meant that I now rely on the Pen Tool far less than I used to. But in Photoshop's most recent update, there's an even better method of selection that turns things up a notch or three.

And that brings us to this great video by Unmesh Dinda from PiXimperfect, in which he introduces us to the new Select Subject Cloud option for more detailed results. It sounds a bit confusing, but when you choose the Object Selection tool in Photoshop, there's now an option in the Select Subject drop-down menu that lets you opt for either device or cloud. In this video, Dinda runs us through the differences between the two and demonstrates how incredibly accurate the selections are when choosing the cloud option. He tries it out on different images such as ones with busy backgrounds, ones with animals and pets, ones with hair, and others. It's a great new addition and really makes selecting elements so fast and fun. Give the video a look, and let me know your thoughts.

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A AA's picture

Why do they always do hair selections on clean backgrounds...thats never the issue, its always on messy backgrounds..

Scott Hussey's picture

It's not a "hack," it is a documented feature.

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