How to Set Up a New Camera

Getting a new camera is always exciting, but as complicated and nuanced as bodies are these days, it is important to take a bit of time to set up the camera not only so it matches your preferences, but so it performs as you need it to. This fantastic video discusses all the things you should do to set up a new camera for photography work. 

Coming to you from James Popys, this helpful video discusses all the things you should do to set up a new camera for stills work. If you have been using the same camera for several years, it can be easy to forget how much you might have customized the body over time, and the new camera might surprise you if it does something you do not expect it to. Personally, if my new camera is similar to my old, I like to take an hour to sit down with both of them side by side and go through the menu of the old body line by line to make sure the new one matches it so I do not miss anything. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Popsys. 

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00rob00 Rob00Rob's picture

Man just read the manual set however you need it

Dave Thurlow's picture

Good video from James.

Elliott William's picture

Excellent video; it is just what I needed to configure my camera optimally. Since bought it, it has been a nightmare not to use it because the configuration has not been correct. This video has been of great help.