How to Take Horrible Landscape Photographs

One of the best ways to know how to take good photos is to know what makes for a terrible photo. This hilarious video will show you how to take terrible landscape photos so you know what makes for a good landscape photo.

Coming to you from Craig Roberts of e6 vlogs, this fun video talks about how to take a terrible landscape photo. If you've not seen Roberts' videos before, he has a wonderfully quirky style that's very engaging. Of his tips, the one I most often see violated (and am still guilty of myself quite a bit) is not paying attention to having a compelling foreground. It's easy to come upon a beautiful landscape scene, throw on a wide angle to capture all of it, and come away with an underwhelming picture, particularly since the wide angle lens tends to push the background away. Having a foreground element brings back some interest to what's otherwise a very flat scene and helps to draw the viewer's eye through the image. Even though a photograph is two-dimensional, try to think of how you can show the element of depth in your images. Check out the video above for more helpful tips.

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It started funny but because he obviously knows his craft turned it into more what should be done. So worthwhile. I am british too and its kinda giving me the idea of doing my own version of this video. I love this dry humor. Following him

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Why are his back grounds breathing like that? I can deal with the auto-exposure adjusting every once in a while, but that breathing thing is really annoying. Otherwise, this guy is alright. His humor isn't too overbearing, he's not a screamer, and he gives some good tips.

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Great video, very entertaining. Thank You!