How to Use Cheap Mirrors to Create Stunningly Real Sunlight Effects

The look of natural sunlight streaming through a window is a classic and a great way to create both mood and visual interest in a shot. However, a window with sunlight streaming through it is not always available to us. This great video tutorial will show you how to recreate the look using cheap mirrors.

Coming to you from Caleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter, this excellent video tutorial will show you how to recreate the look of a stream of sunlight using cheap mirrors. This sort of look can be a fantastic way to really augment a scene by creating much more visual interest, and because of the nature of such light, you have complete control over where you draw the viewer's eye. You can use it to easily focus attention in the frame on your subject, or if you want to get a bit more creative, you can use it for something like a moody portrait. It is a really fun technique to experiment with, and you can get a ton of looks from one setup simply by varying the angle and position of the mirror(s) in the frame. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Pike. 

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