If You Want to Learn Adobe Premiere Pro, Subscribe to This YouTuber

Kelsey Brannan, AKA Premiere Gal, is on a mission to create a robust video editing and video production focused YouTube channel. Featuring in-depth and easy to follow tutorials on Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effects, and third-party video editing plugins, you can learn everything you need to know to become a competent video editor. The channel also features video product reviews, freebies, and the one and only Spike, AKA the Premiere Pup. The Premiere Gal YouTube channel launched in late 2016 and already has 90+ videos. She can teach you how to export videos for social media, render out animated GIFs, design video graphics, perform a sky replacement, key out a green screen, and a handful of other useful tips and tricks. Publishing new content every week, she takes a bottom-up content strategy approach, letting the community voice what they want to learn. If you want Kelsey to show you something specific, simply make a video tutorial request on her website.

Subscribe to Premiere Gal to learn Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and other video production skills you need to become the best shooter/editor/producer (Shreditor) you can be!

Connect with the Premiere Gal:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Premiere_Gal

Facebook: http://facebook.com/PremiereGal

Instagram: http://instagram.com/PremiereGal

Website: http://premieregal.com

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Jonathan Klempa's picture

Thank you for sharing! I have been looking for content like this to learn more about video editing.

chrisrdi's picture

Cool beans thanks!

Per Nicolaisen's picture

I can recommend Justin Odisho´s Premiere Pro channel:


Jason Boone's picture

Yeah, Justin's channel is definitely great as well!