The Importance of Returning to the Same Photography Locations

It can get exhausting, inefficient, and even expensive constantly trying to find new photo locations for your landscape work. But with a little bit of work and creativity, you can get numerous shots and looks from a single location. This great video discusses why it is important to keep returning to the same location and how it can improve your work. 

Coming to you from Mike Perea Photography, this awesome video discusses the importance of returning to the same location multiple times. Though Perea is speaking about a specific genre, the philosophy is one that is important to consider in almost any genre. Of course, seasons change, the weather varies, light changes, landscapes evolve, etc., and a single location can offer an incredible number of varied scenes. Beyond that, it behooves you to approach the same scene multiple times, as you will learn your own tendencies and have an opportunity to try different approaches. Once you've taken a good shot or two of a location, you'll feel less pressure and be more open to experimenting and perhaps discovering a new artistic approach and expand your repertoire of creative techniques. Check out the video above for Perea's full thoughts. 

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Oh good, glad Jordana and Mads agree with me!

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Could be retitled "The importance of re-writing the same article multiple times"