Improve Your Portraits with These Simple Posing Tips

Posing for the camera my not come easily to everyone. If you understand the basics of posing but still find yourself looking for a way to improve the shots, here are a few tips you can use.

Coming to you from photographer Eli Infante, he shares three tips he uses in his portrait work. As Infante shares, you should learn the fundamentals of posing and use these tips as an extra layer. These tips aren't necessary poses per se, but ways you can add upon the look of the shot and get a few additional looks by using them.  

The second tip of using props comes in very useful, especially when your subjects do not know what to do with there hands. Models and clients alike do not always know where their hands should go or what they should be doing with them. Giving their hands a purpose in the shot can help them be a little more relaxed and less worried about where they should go. 

What's your favorite tip from this video? What are some tips you have used to add more variety to your shots? Do you have any favorite props or items you bring to on set? Any other ways you incorporate the environment for a different look?

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