The Joys and Benefits of Shooting Landscapes Near Home

If you look at enough landscape photography, it might be easy to become convinced that it's a genre centered around exotic locales and epic scenery. And while it certainly doesn't hurt to have access to beautiful places, there's a lot you can shoot right where you live. This great video shows you how much you can accomplish just shooting near your home.

Coming to you from Craig Roberts of e6 Vlogs, this video explores an important topic regarding how one approaches landscapes. Living in Cleveland, I'm not exactly used to sweeping views of snow-capped mountains and pristine lakes (particularly considering we set our lake on fire... twice), but I think that's actually been a benefit to my abilities, as it's taught me to make good compositions and interesting images out of subjects that aren't inherently epic. The other real benefit is that you essentially get years of free study of the same subject, thereby allowing you to really work on framing, working with different light and different seasons, etc. So, even if you don't live somewhere with particularly notable scenery, make a habit out of working with what you have; you'll notice improvements in your images across the board. 

[via e6 Vlogs]

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Gabrielle Colton's picture

I love shooting around where I'm living, it reminds me how beautiful home is

Russell Bronson's picture

Totally agree. Working with what you've got forces you to be more creative, forces you to see and capture beauty where others don't see it. It's almost like Iron Chef of photography. Here your ingredients, they don't really make sense, make something cool using you knowledge and talents. Plus, when in a place of 'natural beauty' kid in a candy store!

Only the Cuyahoga River has caught fire (not the lake) and it was a long time ago. No need to keep bringing it up as a lot has been done to change that. Have pride in your city. With that said, I've always been bored by the Cleveland landscape offerings, but there ARE some beautiful beaches and light-houses along the lake just a short drive away.

Alex Cooke's picture

It's a running joke and a legendary part of local culture. If you're from Cleveland, I'm sure you're aware that the humor around here is very self-deprecating; we even have a very good beer named after the fire:

p.s. Any of the writers here will tell you I have an annoying amount of pride in my city. For example, here's me doing my sax routine for Kip's walkup music that I do at every single game. ;)

I know you think the speed up video is interesting somehow - but it is vertigo inducing and causes major motion sickeness which forces me to cut short viewing it.

Not as bad as those who can't hold a video camera steady but still unwatchable for the above mentioned reasons.