Learn the Entire Process of a Stylized Photoshoot From Start to Finish

Learn the Entire Process of a Stylized Photoshoot From Start to Finish

I'm a big fan of seeing photoshoots from conceptualization all the way to finished images, as I think that while it's of course beneficial to learn individual techniques and ideas, it's also important to see how all those really work together to produce the final product. This great set of videos will show you that entire process.

Coming to you from the team over at Mango Street, this awesome series of videos takes you from the conceptualization of a photoshoot all the way through planning, shooting, and editing. It's great to watch them all at once, as you'll really get a feel for how and why different decisions were made along the way. You can watch the full series below:


Finding a Location

Finding a Model

The Photoshoot


Personally, I think the most salient point is that it's important to pick a strong and specific idea for the shoot (both in terms of theme and aesthetic), then stick to it. So much of being a successful photographer is having an identifiable look, and being able to identify said look and stay focused on creating it will not only hone your skills, it'll help develop your creative voice and carve out your niche in the photography world. 

[via Mango Street]

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