Let's Get Back to Storytelling in Our Photo and Video Work

As photographers and videographers, we can get really caught up in our tech. After all, gear is fun. But gear is the means, not the end. This great video serves a reminder to always return to the pursuit of better storytelling.

We are all guilty of it. We spend lots of times talking about gear and not enough about crafting content. After all, gear is easy to talk about: measurements are objective, qualities are readily observed. On the other hand, storytelling is a bit more nebulous; to quote Justice Stewart: "[we] know it when [we] see it." But recognizing and delineating that which comprises good storytelling are tasks far apart in difficulty, and perhaps that is why we retreat to our talk of lenses and codecs with such predictable frequency. But then, Peter McKinnon makes a great point about what normal people talk about after they experience a film, and it isn't gear. I'd extend that by saying that at least for myself a technically flawed, but good story will always hold my attention over a technically perfect, but boring tale. The whole video is worth watching and serves as a great reminder that we have to be storytellers at our core.

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Challenge...go one full month without hitching your content-wagon to Peter McKinnon and use that month to produce just 1 video as good as his. And...GO!