Make Your Images Jump Off the Screen With This Easy Technique

Shooting in raw format generally produces images that are flatter than what we may have seen with our own eyes, which is why post-processing work is so important to achieving the image we visualized. There are countless ways to add depth to your image, but this video shows how to create an almost three-dimensional look rather easily.

There are faster ways to add depth to an image, such as the technique shown in this recent Fstoppers article, but sometimes we need more control. This video by Colin Smith at PhotoshopCAFE shows us how to give images incredible depth with precise control through dodging and burning — except he doesn't use the dodge or burn tools in Photoshop.

It's essentially the digital version of the old darkroom technique of dodging and burning, but the power of Photoshop makes the technique much more effective. Smith uses a landscape image as an example, but the technique can be applied to pretty much any image where you want to give your subject more depth; body sculpting, portraits, architecture, product photography, etc. 

Smith uses a Wacom tablet for even more precision, but you can still perform the technique with a mouse or a trackpad. The technique can be time consuming if you paint light across every contour of your image, but there's no denying it is effective. 

Give it a shot and let us know if it helped give you better contour and texture in your image with a comment below. 

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I've always done my color corrections first but his logic for doing it last makes a lot of sense. Thanks!