Nine Very Helpful Tips for Better Family Photos

We spend a lot of time educating ourselves to be better photographers in the professional realm, but given our skills, it's just as important to discuss how we can take better photos of our family and personal lives. This truly excellent video will give you nine lesser-discussed tips for better family and documentary photos.

Coming to you from Denae & Andrew, this great video talks about nine helpful tips for capturing better family photos. Of the tips, I particularly appreciated the idea of being always aware. It's easy to be in the mindset of watching out for obviously photogenic moments, but waiting for only those to appear can cause you to miss out on the more candid and natural moments that (at least in my opinion) often make for better keepsakes because they represent family and friends in a more ordinary state. That's not to say the posed portrait at the family reunion or in front of the Grand Canyon isn't without value, of course, but capturing family members in their natural, more day-to-day states probably aligns more closely with how we remember them as people. Check out the video above for more helpful tips. 

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William Howell's picture

This is crazy, but I am doing a game plan of photographing my family this spring and early Summer.
Man I agree with this guy, it is a good idea to shoot auto when it’s darkish.