Photographer or Artist? Things to Think About Behind the Camera

Photography is a strange art form in that instead of creating from a blank canvas and only your own ideas and materials, you start with reality and take it from there. So, how do you approach the art of photography? Do you aim to represent or to interpret? This quick but thought-provoking video will give you some helpful things to think about the next time you are behind the camera.

Coming to you from Adrian Vila with aows, this great video examines the idea of editing philosophies in photography. The discussion is not so much one of ethics of representation (that is more for something like the realm of photojournalism), but rather the creative philosophy you adopt and how that influences the decisions you make behind the camera and in post-processing. With cameras offering more versatile files than ever and software offering things like literal one-click sky replacement, it is easier than ever to quickly and convincingly take a photograph from a relatively accurate representation of reality to something entirely different, and there is not necessarily anything wrong with that. Nonetheless, it is important to know your intentions when you set out with your camera. Check out the video above for Vila's full thoughts. 

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EL PIC's picture

Get Over It !!
Photography is not exactly art or science.
The French Government said that in their refusal to patent the process in the 1800’s.
Ansel Adams said “Being a Photographer is knowing where to Stand”.
So .. don’t over extend your brain .. know where to stand and push the button ..

David Pavlich's picture

I would say he has a flair for the obvious. Even shooting in Jpeg, the scene is interpreted by the camera, so it's not 'reality' in a true sense. Anyway, I prefer the 'photographer' moniker, but that's just me. I use a camera because I have a difficult time drawing a stick figure. :-)

Timothy Turner's picture

Captain obvious is on the job, people need to stop comparing themselves to other people and do what they want