Pixar and Khan Academy Teach The Art of Storytelling for Free

We've all seen Toy Story. We've all been taken on the same journey with Finding Nemo, and felt sad when Wall-E was left behind to clean earth all by himself. We've all had either a smile on our face or a tear in the eye due to a fictional 3D rendered character showed an emotion you identified with. We take photos and video of what we know. We show others these images and moving images with the aim to make them feel that same emotion. We create because of the emotional experience we felt at some point in life towards a movie or photo that made us decide that's what we want to do. 

Pixar and Khan Academy have made it possible. They show you how to become a better story teller and to see how they craft stories at Pixar. And if you want to learn how to tell a story or improve on storytelling in your daily social endeavors or for your work as photographer, I think this is the perfect course. Artists like Pete Docter, director of Monsters, Inc, Mark Andrews who directed Brave, as well as Sanjay Patel, animator of Ratatouille feature in these lessons.

The first lesson is available now and six more lessons will be released throughout the year. And the best part is, it's free. Go check out and sign up to the course. You can thank me later. 

[via The Next Web]

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I'm delighted to see this on Fstoppers. Often times the word story or storytelling in photography is but a shadow of what it could be. It's really worth it to try and understand what a story actually is. An image that has a story has a way of lodging itself into the viewers mind like a seedling that will continue to grow even after the viewer steps away from the image.
The big challenge is always how to bridge that gap between the sequential nature of a story to the instantaneous nature of the photograph. But there are many ways to cross that bridge.