Seven Helpful Tips for Taking Sharper Photos

There are several things you have to get right to create a sharp photograph, and the lack of even one of them can ruin what might have otherwise been a great shot. This helpful video will give you seven tips to help you take sharper images.

Coming to you from Apalapse, this great video will give you some tips for taking sharper photographs. Along with the tips, I would also add not to be afraid to bump the ISO when necessary. Sometimes, you're at the limit of your aperture and the only choice is a longer shutter speed or higher ISO. If you're shooting a subject with a lot of movement, any sports photographer or someone similar will tell you that a sharp photo at a higher ISO is better than a blurry photo at a lower ISO. Furthermore, you can always do a bit of work with noise reduction, but there isn't much to be done to rescue a blurry subject. Also, remember that while image stabilization is great for minimizing minute movements of the photographer, it won't help at all for subject movement, so crank up that shutter speed for faster subjects. 

Lead image by Pixabay user sbtlneet, used under Creative Commons.

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Steve White's picture

This video is for the most basic beginners.

Ben D's picture

and whats wrong with that? fundamentals tend not to change.

Deleted Account's picture

Perfect video for Facebook.

Warren Knorr's picture

It’s all about the basics. Mastering the features will provide benefits in ones photography.