Seven Tips to Help You Become a Better Photographer

Photography is a process in which you never stop learning and there's always something you can improve. This great video will give you seven tips to become a better photographer.

Coming to you from Saurav Sinha, this helpful video gives some great guidance on how to become a better photographer. I think Sinha touched on something important when he spoke of thinking of composition as a viewer. It's important to always remember that your viewer will not have the context of your thought process, and as such, the photograph and its composition have to stand on their own, which is why simplicity often reigns supreme in capturing the imagination. Try to look at your images divorced from yourself when shooting them. If I had to give an additional tip on how to improve your photography, it would be to shoot as often as possible, even if that means throwing a camera on your neck and going for a walk around the neighborhood every afternoon. Photography is a skill, and like any other skill, it deteriorates if you don't practice it often. Even if it's for just a few minutes a day, make sure you pull that camera out and take a few shots. 

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