Six of the Best Movie Shots of All Time

Personally, I think that even if we're not all aspiring to be the next Spielberg, good films can be tremendously instructive for both videographers and stills photographers because they showcase such strong storytelling via imagery. Here are six of the most powerful and effective shots in the history of film.

Coming to you from CineFix, this awesome video examines six examples of highly effective shots in film and what makes them so powerful. Personally, one of my favorite shots is the tracking across the Thorwald's apartment in "Rear Window":

It's brilliantly effective as it maintains Jeffries' distance and thus, his helplessness by adhering to his perspective, effectively conveying the urgency of the situation and also the relief when the police arrive. But more importantly, I think, it sets up the horrendously disturbing shot when Thorwald, the murderer, looks directly into the camera, realizing that Jeffries is snooping on him, unnerving the audience not only by virtue of the fact that a murderer seems to be staring them down, but by the seemingly safe distance afforded by the wider tracking shots being suddenly destroyed in one tight framing, setting up the conclusion of the film all in one moment. Do you have any favorites? Share them in the comments! 

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Christos Dikos's picture

Another great CineFix contribution!

Maximilian Benner's picture

Thanks for sharing this, Alex. Much needed reminder of the camera's suggestive power.

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