Some Handy Hidden Tricks in Lightroom

Lightroom is likely where you spend a lot of, if not the majority of your post-processing time. And so, any little shortcuts or tricks you can pick up can add up to more efficiency and better output down the road. This helpful video will show you five such tricks to add to your arsenal. 

Coming to you from Anthony Morganti, this awesome video shows you five handy little tricks to increase your efficiency and capabilites in Lightroom. My personal favorite is using graduated filters to bypass the hard limits of the sliders in the Adjustments panel. With the dynamic range and file latitude of today's cameras higher than ever, I tend to push my files around quite a bit in post (particularly since I hate using multiple exposures and prefer to get the job done with one file), and occasionally, I'll want to do something beyond the limits of the sliders (if only those knobs went to 11). This is when the graduated filter trick comes in handy. Nonetheless, all fives tip are useful, particularly if you do a lot of local adjustments in Lightroom before you head to Photoshop (or in place of going there). Do you have any such tricks you use? Share them in the comments!

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Sam David's picture

Shouldn't that be Handy Hidden Tricks in Bridge? You can do everything Alex writes about (very valuable "tricks" by the way) in Bridge without having to put up with Lightroom's unfathomable cataloging system and jargon.

gary meyers's picture

Just watched your 5 lightroom and you are incorrect, lightroom 5.7 and below has no brush tool for the graduated filter or the other adj tools to the right of that tool.I have used Lightroom since 4.0.