Spring Love: How to Use This Season to Become a Better Photographer

One of the keys to you becoming the best photographer possible is working well in every season and using the different colors and moods to your advantage. Here's how to improve your photography during Spring.

We all have our favorite times of year to shoot, particularly if we like using nature as backdrops or if we spend most of our time outside shooting landscapes. In my case, for example, I have two really special times of year I love to shoot. The first is in April when the rice fields are just starting to really tinge that verdant green but still retain enough water for amazing reflections. And the second is in early August, when the rice is harvested and the leading lines caused by the measured harvesting are a beautiful orange color that lead into some fabulously dramatic rainclouds that often thunder above during the afternoons. All that's to say that perhaps I don't spend enough time out during other seasons. But this video by The School of Photography offers some really great ideas for maximizing the incredible array of colors that blooming flowers often give you. There's a host of ideas in there that are coupled with techniques and settings and thoughts behind the ideas.

Give it a watch and let me know your favorite season and why. I can definitely say winter is my least favorite season, as I don't do very well with minus temperatures.

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