Three Beauty Lighting Setups Using V-Flats

V-flats are one of those studio tools that almost every photographer should have, as their price and versatility make them almost indispensable when working with artificial light. This helpful video will show you three separate beauty lighting setups using v-flats.

Coming to you from Lindsay Adler Photography, this great video will show you three ways to enhance your beauty lighting in studio using v-flats. If you haven't used v-flats before, they're one of the cheapest ways to add a lot more versatility to your studio. They're awesome for adding fill and negative fill by using the white and black sides, respectively, but they can also double as a backdrop and more. Notice how Adler decides how she wants to accent different features of her model, then tailors the lighting setup to those attributes, using the v-flats to accentuate them and change the overall look and mood of the image. Although she is using V-flat World v-flats, you can also make your own relatively easily if you're so inclined. Check out this article for our step-by-step guide on how to do that and the video above for all the fun ways you can create better beauty shots using them.  

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