Three Helpful Lightroom Tips for Any Photographer

Lightroom is a complex and intricate application, and it can be easy to overlook features in the program that can make your life far easier and efficient or even open up new capabilities. This helpful video features three tips that anyone using Lightroom should definitely know about.

Coming to you from Anthony Morganti, this excellent video features three great tips that will help make your work in Lightroom far easier. Of the tips, my favorite is definitely the targeted adjustment tool. I am very picky about the hue and brightness of my colors, and when I was first starting in Lightroom, I had a lot of trouble making adjustments to individual colors simply because most of them were combinations of two or three of the hues represented by the sliders in the panel, and it took a lot of back and forth experimentation to zero in on the one I wanted. It can be easy to overlook the targeted adjustment tool because it's so small, but it allows you to select the exact color and move the relevant sliders proportionally, saving you lots of time in the process. Check out the video above for more helpful information from Morganti. 

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Simon Stadler's picture

Great tips. Thank you. I knew about the clipping info but other two were new to me.