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Tune Up Your Vlog With Five Easy Hacks for In-Camera Transitions

Wrapping up the shooting for your latest vlog is always a satisfying feeling but, of course, the work has only just begun. Cutting, editing, adding sound, text; the list of finishing touches for your vlog goes on. One way to speed up that workflow is to accomplish as much of the work as possible in camera, reducing your workload once you've uploaded your content to your computer. Daniel DeArco has put together a vlog showing off some really easy and effective transitions that will take your vlog from static to dynamic with minimal extra effort.

These are clever ways to move from one shot to another without having to do more than crossfade and/or speed up your video in postproduction. They also don't require additional camera gear and can usually be accomplished with what you already have in your bag or at hand nearby. 

DeArco does a nice job explaining each technique quickly and concisely, followed by smooth demonstrations of each. 

Daniel DeArco demonstrates a quick transition technique by swinging his camera down on the front end of a cut and flipping it back up on the back end.

Do you have any clever hacks that make your vlogs more dynamic and engaging? Post them in the comments below.

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Gabrielle Colton's picture

Awesome, I'm starting to shoot videos next week so this is really helpful

Alex Ventura's picture

I'm going to have to try some of these as I want to venture more into video work.