Tutorial: Create Beautiful Double Exposures Quickly in Photoshop

Last year, photographer duo Dylan Howell and Sara Byrne (of Dylan and Sara Photography) posted an awesome video showing you how to create beautiful double-exposure photos in-camera, a technique popular in fine art, portrait, and wedding photography. I just stumbled across this awesome tutorial by event and wedding photographer Andrew Klokow showing you how to replicate this cool look quickly and fairly easily in Photoshop. 

This quick, nifty tutorial will be super helpful for wedding shooters who want to add a little variety to their images. 

Below are the pictures Andrew used in his example along with the final image (click for lightbox view).

To keep up with Andrew you can check out his YouTube channel, Facebook, and website.

[Via Andrew Klokow]

Images used with permission.

If you end up giving this tutorial a try be sure to share your results in the comments below, I'll be doing one of my own this afternoon!

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Ok. This is nice. Next up, please figure out how to shoot a multi-exposure group shot where the individuals are colored primary colors (a la Sam Hurd wedding shots). An example can be seen here: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/439875088575556172/

That image you linked to has been converted to BW then colorized via various hue and saturation layers to cyan, magenta and yellow to give it an arty CMYK plate look. A longer winded way here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8v1Tj32s14

Robert, there's a way to do it "in camera" without the use of photoshop. I'm pretty sure I figured it out. I won't spoil it for the photographer who created the image since he hasn't posted his method online anywhere. It's a nice creative effect though.