Want to Get Your Photos Published in Magazines? Here's How

Seeing your photos you've worked hard on on a screen is great, but opening a magazine to see them in print provides a very different, tangible sense of pride and satisfaction. This great video will walk you through the process of getting your photos published.

Coming to you from Craig Roberts of e6 Vlogs, this helpful video will show you what to do to increase your chances of getting your photo work published. Of all the tips, my favorite was expanding where you submit beyond just photography magazines. Of course, almost every photographer who wants to be published is going to submit to photography magazines, but if you specialize in photographing something like motorcycles or you've done a set of environmental portraits of a carpenter, submit to hobbyist and trade magazines in their respective industries as well. And as Roberts mentioned, make sure you're helping to minimize the work of the editor; by providing a complete story and set of photos, they don't have to try to put together an article drawing from multiple sources, as the complete thing is already sitting on their desk, increasing the likelihood of your submission being selected. 

Lead image by Pexels user freestocks, used under Creative Commons.

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Matei Horvath's picture

Hi Alex, Great post! I'm not sure if its my computer or the link you published but around 3:30 into the video jumps to a mac anti virus page?

Steven Magner's picture

I got a "Clean My Mac" pop up at 330, but it was small and had an X for me to click on. Is this what you are talking about?

Simon Patterson's picture

The link took me to his YouTube video. Either it's a pop-up Youtube ad, or your computer has a problem. Hopefully it's the former, but either way, do not click on the link!

Alex Cooke's picture

I haven't had any issues with the video!

Studio 403's picture

Lovely post, spot on. So many creative ways to market one’s craft.

Jonny Archer's picture

As a wanna be pro myself. (Only ever sold one print) I actually did just this and wrote an article for a hobby magazine which is getting published in October. Not sure it’s cost effective for me at the moment cause it takes me ages to write anything worth reading. But this advice is spot on!!!