What Lens Should You Buy Next?

No piece of gear can have a greater impact on the technical quality of your images and your creativity than the lens you mount on the front of your camera. So, once you are ready to buy your next lens, how do you decide what to get? This helpful video discusses some of the things you should consider when deciding what lens to purchase. 

Coming to you from Mike Smith, this excellent video talks about what you should consider before you purchase your next lens. I have always been a huge lens geek, and one thing I have learned in the process of purchasing and selling a lot of lenses is that practicality often wins out over creative novelty in the long run. For example, I once bought a 10mm lens for full frame. At first, it was an absolute blast; a focal length that wide is so unique that it inspires you to take shots that simply were not possible before. But eventually, the lens was relegated to the bottom of my bag, simply because such an extreme focal length just isn't useful in most scenarios. Of course, you might decide to keep even an impractical tool for its creative inspiration; the balance of that comes down to your personal preference. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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The lens you actually need...

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A lot of the "What to buy next?" videos consist of someone else's dream list but Mike does a good job of laying out the why's of buying your next lens. Nice and informative video to help keep mine and anyone else's GAS in check.