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David DuChemin has become very well known for his so called “sermons” on vision. He has written books about it, including the beautifully crafted "VisionMongers." He is a champion of exploring art over exploring gear, and even his YouTube show uses his motto in its title, “Vision is Better.” In Episode 61, he goes into a common misconception about vision and style. Then he offers us a few tips on how we can get over our difficulties and find our own work.

DuChemin also suggests an idea similar to the one I suggested in my article, "Take a Walk, Improve Your Photography." The idea is that style or vision don’t come from thinking, but from doing the work. By letting your work lead you where it will, you discover things about yourself that you can retrospectively begin to call your style. This powerful idea frees us to get past waiting around for the lightning-bolt of inspiration that will turn us into great photographers.

If you enjoy this video and DuChemin’s thoughts on just what it means to be a photographer, his YouTube channel is a great resource, and his eBook store, Craft and Vision, is another fantastic visit. It is filled not only with his own books, but also with books that share techniques and thoughts from many others.

[via Craft and Vision YouTube]

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Dylan Goldby is an Aussie photographer living and working in South Korea. He shoots a mix of families, especially the adoptive community, and pre-weddings. His passions include travel, good food and drink, and time away from all things electronic.

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I'm a Du Chemin reader from years. He, and his team regarding Craft & Vision publication, built a huge range of quality books (and advices).
Even if people don't like the sermon side, it still a must-to-see.

Thanks Dylan :)

I think David is right in saying that style does not come from thinking, but work. Each of the photographs that we must take is different and has a unique style that will represent us. The most important thing is to do something that https://www.superiorpapers.com/coursework.php like, and that represents our personality because that way others will also like our work.