Work Faster With These 15 Photoshop Shortcuts You Didn't Know About

It's rare to watch a video that claims to reveal new tricks in Adobe Photoshop that aren't actually just fairly intermediate techniques. However, this is one that passes the test.

While learning how to use Photoshop, I think it's fair to say a lot of us just stick with the first method we were taught to do something and repeat it enough times that it starts to feel like the only way. You might pick up a few keyboard shortcuts here and there, but the more complicated tasks may at first seem like they'd be too specific to possibly have shortcuts attached to them. Apparently not so, because this video dives into some some pretty serious tools that surprisingly can be accessed and manipulated faster with the keyboard.

Jesús Ramirez from the Photoshop Training Channel shares 15 lesser known Photoshop shortcuts that will cut down editing time. While I wouldn't expect anyone to remember all of these, there's a good chance that a couple of the tools that are shown here are used in your own workflow and perhaps you aren't taking advantage of the shortcuts to make life easier on yourself.

And if you already knew everything here, hey, at least you have a banana icon in your toolbar now.

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Patrick BALEYDIER's picture

Does anyone know where i can find these shortcuts for Azerty keyboards?

Sylvain Durand's picture

Pour travailler sur photoshop je te recommande vivement l' utilisation d' un clavier QWERTY US ça va te changer la vie pour l utilisation des shortcuts!