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1.93 - "Needs Work" 

I‘ve took it at 4:30 am in Berlin.
Rip bottle of water 😁

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Nice use of a reflection. I usually try not to be so picky, but I would much prefer this photo if that poll wasn't there. If you could remove it in photoshop, (and crop out the one on the left or photoshop it out too) it would instantly up the quality.

I agree. It's a really difficult decision whether to remove something thats probably architecturally part of the subject but, at least with this composition, it's *so* distracting, and as a viewer I can barely even tell what it is. Either frame it so we know more about the pole, or edit it out.

One way to think about things like this is whether you'd include the pole if this were a painting - and I bet you would choose not to. Painters have to elect to include each item in a view, photographers have to elect to remove or not for each item, so sometimes thinking of an image in those terms is helpful.