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2.29 - "Needs Work" 

past and future of a beautiful italian valley is strictly bonded with water. Follow the flow

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Nooooo!!!!! Why not a long exporsue? That it would be a 3-4, now its a 2😥

Hey Hubert, thank you for commenting. I had to use a fast shutter speed to get those clouds sharp and rich; moreover, I didn't had any ND filters to lower the shutter speed enough at daytime (to do an exposure blending between the clouds and the foreground).
Anyway, I kinda like the water sharp as it matches the rocky geometries in the background.

Don't just take one shot.......personally I would attempted a 1/2 to 1"shot as well as others. It's a good attempt but a bit soft..........oh yeah.......move a bit more to left or clone out the branches on the upper right.

As I said I couldn't use a slower shutter speed, it would have been super over exposed... Branches were all over the place so I put them in the least disturbing place... I see you're not very used to photoshop, as cloning out such a wide area would be super sloppy and would end in a grey, soft and undetailed background...

I try not to rely on photoshop but i understand when competing with trees who want to photobomb your images it can get frustrating......and property owners tend to get a little cranky if try to remove them. Also, pscc has a lot of ways to remove unwanted items beside the clone healing, the lasso using content aware will help with the sloppiness. Oh, and one last item, when I suggested the longer shot. I was of the mind to build a composite combining the two images..................and you have a great shot.

great shot

Thanks man!