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2.72 - "Solid" 

Camping on the coast in WA.

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I real like the the use of light and the reflection.
I'm super torn on the background. Half of me wants it in focus (focus stacked) and the other half of me likes the use of DOF.
Either way, it's definitely a solid image.

Thanks Jordan, I really appreciate the feedback! I've never focused stacked, but it's something I've thought about doing more recently. I'm heading back to this location in a month or so, so I'll have another opportunity to experiment.

The highest point of the cliff should be on the right edge of the image., this way the cliff will draw the eye down to the Smaller rock formation and the tent. As it is now the space to the right of the cliff is a distraction.

Thanks for the feedback, Andrew. I appreciate it!

Very clean and well-done, I love the moment and the scene. My only feedback would be, the tent is a bit big in the frame, for the level of brightness it is hitting thanks to the light inside. I would prefer to dim down the light in the tent a little bit, and maybe also zoom out just a touch so that the tent has a little bit more compositional "room to breathe", plus maybe it might introduce a bit more night sky too. I wish I could see just a few more stars! Maybe waiting another 10-15 minutes to get the shot could have helped with that.

Thanks a lot for the feedback Matthew. Very helpful and thoughtful remarks. I agree too!. I'm heading back at the end of August, so I'll get another shot at it.

Really nice. I think it could be improved by having the tent (and reflection) in the corner instead of the middle.

Thanks for the feedback, Matthew...but I'm not certain of what you are saying, isn't the tent and reflection already in the corner?