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1.47 - "Snap Shot" 

Sydney Opera House and the surrounding harbour.

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It's a cool scene but the composition is not as greate as it could be, especially putting the horizon into the center of the picture is a bit offputting.

I agree with Jeena that it's a cool scene but there's a lot to be improved with the image itself. At the moment it looks like just a quick snapshot from a smartphone BUT everything you need is there for a great shot and it's technically well taken (exposure, focus, noise) you could have a killer photo if you put in some effort in post with the composition and minor colour adjustments.

The things that catch my eye immediately and how you could maybe fix them are:

1)The horizon it the centre is the most obvious thing, there are times to break the rule of thirds for sure but now just isn't one of those times, it would be much better with the horizon sitting ~1/3rd of the way from the top of the frame.

2) The dark out of focus bit of land and tree on the left hand side. You could crop it out, clone it away or use content aware fill.

3) The top of the boat sticking up though the bottom of the frame on the right hand side. Same again, crop, clone, content.

4)The boats behind the Opera house being overlapped by the Opera house itself. This is just a minor and personal thing but I think it would better to clone them out. Reasons are they're not in full view and there are already a lot of more interesting boats (and a sub by the looks ?) in the image. Here a cloning tool is your best bet.

I hope that's not coming off too harsh, It's just I would love to see this image again and all the ingredients for a killer picture are there.

I think that when you are shooting such an interesting feature as the Opera House, they eye will automatically focus on it, so when you make it a tiny part of the total image, the viewer feels a bit robbed. The rest of the image would need to be spectacularly interesting to balance that and it's just not. it's the kind of view I'd love to have from my living room, but not for a moment frozen in time. Cropping it to the lower right *might* help, but even then you'd need to boost contrast and bring out some sort of dominant color - richer blue, or pull out more greens in the trees, or the warmer colors around the Opera House or ferries.