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2.23 - "Needs Work" 

This was a picture I took near boston. tried to go for a long exposure with the first time trying out ND filters. Tell me what you think

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I like the exposure on the water, perfectly done. I'm not a huge fan of the camera position and angle. I can see some potential with the rocks on the right, though. Maybe try changing the angle and zooming in on those.

One of my pet peeves with seascapes, unfortuately, is when the sky is too much darker than the foreground, Whether this was done via a GND filter in the field or in post-production I'm not sure, however it's a bit distracting. Basically, unless there is a dramatic lighting condition actively illuminating the foreground, the sky should always be either roughly equal to, or slightly lighter than, the brightness of the foreground that is reflecting light from it. In this situation, the near bits of water are almost white, while there's dark ominous clouds above. Thre's also a bit of odd light-dark-light-dark transitions at the horizon, instead of a single, subtle edge at the horizon. the burning & dodging is also a little too evident in the rocks above the horizon line; they get a little dark towards the sky.

I will say, I love the stripe of red rock on the left; it is really cool when you capture a scene that is almost totally in B&W in real-life, but for a small amount of color. A rare scene, indeed!