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2.3 - "Needs Work" 

This photo was one of my first photos I’ve taken I’m proud of it and would like to know where I can improve it was taken in Banff at the natural bridge

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You havent got a real subject here. The Trees make for a good background, but my eyes dont know where to look at in the foreground. I would try to create some leading lines with these rocks, maybe even using the shore for it. And probably try to use the rule of thirds and position something interesting in one of the lower crossing points.

This location looks amazing, and the long exposure is perfect. I think it would look just a little more balanced if you cropped it in to remove the empty space on the left. (kind of turn it into a square crop using the right side of the photo).

Very clean, love this shot, and the strong elements of vertical lines in the top half, then the odd rocks in the center above th water, plus the nearer rocks that connect those mind-ground rocks so that there's a clean foreground, mid-ground, and background cohesiveness to the whole scene. All in all, I really love it, despite the lack of a strong singular subject to capture the viewer's eye.

I do agree that maybe cropping the whole image to 4:5 or even 1:1 (I know, so cliche) with mostly the left side being eliminated, could make the image even stronger. However, I also like the sandy beach / shoreline on the left, so maybe just a 4:5 crop instead of a 1:1. Of course a human being or something on that shore could have been awesome to add a sense of scale, but hey, you can't always have a perfectly placed subject every single time, lol.