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2.38 - "Needs Work" 

Shot this while practicing my composite skills. Let me know what you think.

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Would love to have some CC

It is a good start! This isn't a new gun, is it? There are nicks, scratches, and smudges all up and down the gun, also the finish on the pump is different than the stock, (not as glossy) again probably from use. I also would have preferred that action closed vs open.

I would clean up the gun first before pictures and polish it. in post I would remove the nicks and scratches and make the highlight lines straight and consistent. I would also extend the highlight on the stock to the rubber but, I don't like it ending mid stock.

I think the lighting is good but needs to be softened. I like where the highlights are but think they could be diffused a bit more. I think your biggest problem is the fact that your gun is not the best model. Do this again with a brand new Franchi or Benelli over-under.

Thank you for the CC.

Yes, It is not a new gun.

You have some really interesting points which I appreciate. Thank you.