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2.75 - "Solid" 

Nikon D810 + 100mm macro / 4 strobes with reflectors, diffusers...

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Loving the color contrast and the sharpness of the watch, good stuff!

Excellent. My only comment would be that the placement of the black/orange line is somehow off for me.

Hi John. Thnaks for your kind words! Yes the placement of that separtion line was troublesome. After many trials, I've ended up here. Not sure if it's the best, but the line centered in the middle of the watch really doesn't work

Great image but the orange takes too much of intention of the watch itself. Also, the sharp line on the background is cutting the belt reflection. Also you have a vignette on dark texture but not on orange part. Great concept but you can do better!

Hi Roman. The orange was intended to be much longer. It was designed for a 16:9 format banner with a wide orange space for tagline, text, logo...

I would bring the exposure down on the watch a little bit. It stands out a little bit too much, especially on the top left part. Otherwise I like to composition and color combination. I don't mind the off center cut on the orange color.